We help the world’s most risk exposed companies control their culture and conduct risks.

What is C-Sight?

Using leading-edge AI
we deliver deep insights
from large-scale workforce

With C-SightTM you can new unearth a rich new
source of data insight into emerging culture risks.
A source not accessible any other way.

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Hearing too late about culture and conduct risks has cost global financial
institutions $320 billion in penalties over the past ten years.


Barbara Sharp, CEO, explains how companies can control their culture risks through proactive workforce engagement.


The Solution

The new, sophisticated technology that solves the age-old problem of employees not speaking up about the things that pose real threats to your company’s compliance and reputation.

It’s a safe,
expert-moderated conversation
Enabling company directors to hear the real truth from the people who know what’s really going on: employees at the coalface of their organisation.
We’ve built a platform that enables employee “voice”. C-SightTM turns that voice into rich, reliable, data-driven insight.

You can use tools like survey and surveillance to find out
WHAT’s going on in the recesses of your business.
But finding out WHY it’s happening – and correcting it
before it’s too late – is much harder.

The Value

C-Sight’s AI-based technology
gets you deep engagement
with hundreds or even
thousands of employees.
You get the richness of qualitative
research with the assurance of
large-scale survey.
C-Sight is for board directors and C-suite executives who hate surprises and want reliable, actionable insight to inform their big decisions.
For people who know
they can’t succeed without it.

How does C-Sight Work?

Stop. Think. If you know you need better information about the hidden chatter in your organisation, in 30 minutes we can show you how you can sleep better.

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