Cutting-edge AI technology to help protect the world’s biggest companies from reputation damage.

What is C-Sight®?

The world’s first conversational insights platform
for protecting corporate reputation.

C-Sight® is purpose-built to connect leaders to the real truth
of their employees‘ experience of their strategic decisions.

We do this by giving employees voice so that the C-suite and board
can hear it, and know that it is backed by data.

Hearing too late about culture and conduct risks has cost global financial
institutions $320 billion in penalties over the past ten years.


Barbara Sharp, CEO, explains how companies can control their culture risks through proactive, respectful and targeted workforce engagement.


The Solution

The new, sophisticated technology that turns data-rich insight into fast remedial action. Uncover and understand the real threats to your company’s compliance and reputation.

It’s a safe,
online conversation
C-Sight® enables company directors to hear the real truth from the people who know what’s really going on: employees.
We’ve built a platform that enables you to have candid, topic-focused conversations at a very large scale. C-Sight® turns people’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours about risk issues into reliable, data-backed insights.

So decisions can be made, confident they’re informed by data. And have the buy-in of your people.

Tools like survey and risk analytics can tell you WHAT is going on.

Finding out WHY – and correcting it – is much harder.

Survey can tell you:

  • That there are risks
  • Where the risks might be (geography, division, job type)
  • Who’s happy, who’s not
  • Change over time

C-Sight can tell you:

  • Why those risks are emerging
  • What the granular experiences of those risks are (geography, division, job type)
  • What needs to change to reduce those risks
  • What’s working well (or not), where, for whom, and why

The Value

Avoid reputation damage
Empower your people with a say in decisions
that affect their day-to-day lives
Govern for the future corporation
Retain and attract the very best talent
Achieve that 2.5X market premium.
C-Sight® is for board directors and C-suite executives who hate surprises and want reliable, actionable insight to inform their big decisions.
For people who know that anything else is just guess work.

How does C-Sight Work?

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