Pax Republic – the Human Insight Company

C-Sight is produced and supported by Pax Republic.

Pax Republic’s purpose is to make it easy for people to discuss, debate and resolve the issues that might otherwise divide them. We do this through building ground-breaking technology.

Our technology leverages AI to make our insights more comprehensive, more accurate and more effective.

We have digitized the ability to understand people’s feelings about often divisive issues and then work with them to debate and seek to resolve the mess of human differences.

Better data – derived from empowered human voice – is how the world’s most complex human challenges can be solved.

Human Insight and Machine Intelligence

The task of detecting and responding effectively in an online discussion with thousands of participants is beyond human cognition.

And interpreting the nuances of behaviours and the appropriate intervention required is beyond algorithms.

But together, humans can work with AI to produce smarter, faster, more accurate and more comprehensive results than either can achieve alone.

Pax has set out to combine AI and human intelligence in a way that benefits everyone – participants, customers and facilitators – creating a virtuous learning cycle that makes the impossible possible.

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Pax Republic Partners

Our Partners are the professional advisers trusted by the world’s leading companies. They are the solvers of the wicked problems that big business needs to solve – wicked problems that by their very definition have no one, simple solution.

The world’s smartest advisers are the hand for the algorithmic glove that drives C-Sight. Through C-Sight they bring to their clients richer, broader more comprehensive insights into workplace and customer issues and norms.

And this is why advisers to the top companies are seizing the opportunity C-Sight presents.

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