The Solution

C-Sight® is a private, anonymous, AI-powered, online conversation and analytics platform.

It’s like a focus group on steroids

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Deep insights + meaningful scale

C-Sight® delivers the quantitative scale of survey, the qualitative richness of focus groups, and the individual voice of an interview, together in the one platform.

Real Stories

Clear: With C-Sight®, harness the power of the group interaction and dive deep into rich insights – unadulterated by group dominance or human biases

Ethically sourced: De-identified comments give large numbers of participants the equal opportunity and safety of anonymity to speak openly in group forums.

Socially functional: Expert facilitators retain control and moderate forum conversations so your people can give you the rich, reliable insights you need.

Rich Insights

Detailed: Our data analysis assembles group profiles post-conversation to gain granular insight into responses from specific groups, geographies, divisions, market sectors – whatever is of greatest use.

Multi-lateral: Over time, and with multiple forums, you can grow your corporation’s personal mood and thought dataset for modeling based on predictive insight of Enterprise Emotional Intelligence™.

Impactful: Measure your longitudinal progress, and give your board the oversight they need, through C-Sight’s powerful technology.

Increase Agility

Within 7 days of closing a C-Sight® forum, receive a summary report with insights about internal problem and solution points in your organisation.

Subsequent check-in forums not only keep your board informed, but enable you to tweak strategy at quarterly intervals. These incremental changes will return dividends at a much faster pace.

The Outcome

Take the guess work out of your next transformation. Get to revenue, faster.

Gain the confidence you need to know that you’re making the right decision.

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